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Our technical staff will make your music sound the way you want it to sound.

You only have to tell us what inspires you and you will be surprised by the results.
Requesting a mix is fast and easy: acquire what you need from our shop, fill in the form and send us your music through Dropbox, e-mail or on DVD.

After 10 - 15 days, from receiving your files, you'll receive the mix of your music. Albums and EPs can require up to 20 days.

By filling in the form (which you will receive via e-mail) our technical staff will have a clear idea of the sound you desire for your music.
Together with the audio track, you must send a rough mix of the song and add one or two example songs. In this way it will be easier to comprehend the idea of the desired mix.


For the price list click here


reading-iconRead: How to prepare your music for the mix


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