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How it works

How to prepare your files for an IOS Mix

What is needed are the audio track files, not the project.


Name the tracks

Every audio track must be named with the name of the recorded sound (i.e. piano, lead voice, guitar, etc...). Names in Italian or English are accepted.


Effects and Plug-ins

Remove all effects and plug-ins. Send your dry files.

In some cases it is possible that the plug-ins or the entire project are compatible with our system; in which case, besides the dry files sent you may add the project files and/or the audio files of each singular effects track. Don't forget to correctly name the files.


Exporting the parts

Export every track singularly from the very first measure, as such the files will be aligned correctly.

Make sure that you've left your tracks at the same bit rate (usually 24 or 16 bit) with which they've been recorded. For better compatibility send your files at 44.1KHz or 48KHz.
The extension files must be wav or aiff, compatible with any system.

You must export all Midi and virtual instruments and as such convert them into audio files. Control that the audio files do not contain clips. Export with the volume at 0 dB, if the meter signals a clip regulate the volume and repeat export.


Do not mix the audio tracks. For example if a track contains first a guitar then a violin, export twice in order to obtain separate tracks.


How to prepare your files for IOS Mastering

All that we need to realize an optimal Mastering of your music is the stereo file of your song.

Export (mix down or bounce) your music into a stereo file.

Make sure that you've left your export settings at the same bit rate (usually 24 or 16 bit) with which it was recorded.
For major compatibility send us your files at 44.1KHz or 48KHz or 96KHz.

The extension of the files must be wav or aiff, compatible with any system.


Method of payment

The most practical and rapid way is to acquire the chosen services through our shop and proceed with a safe payment online with PayPal.

If it is impossible to make a payment with PayPal, contact us directly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


How to send the audio files

- You can send your files in .zip folders with WeTransfer or with DropSend,
- or you can use our Drop Box.
You must compress the file folder containing the audio files. Create a .zip file (compatible with any operative system). You may send more .zip files but each one has to be larger than 2GB.

- You can give us your music by uploading it onto your FTP server.

- You can send the .zip files to this e-mail address:, being careful that every .zip file attached is not over 1 GB.

Or else by true mail service or courier. You may send one or more DVDs containing the files to the following address: TIDE - Via delle Vignacce 55, 00063 Campagnano di Roma (RM)..

For more information please consult our FAQ.



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