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Our technical staff will make your music sound the way you want it to sound.

You only have to tell us what inspires you and you will be surprised by the results.
Requesting a mix is fast and easy: acquire what you need from our shop, fill in the form and send us your music through Dropbox, e-mail or on DVD.

After 10 - 15 days, from receiving your files, you'll receive the mix of your music. Albums and EPs can require up to 20 days.

By filling in the form (which you will receive via e-mail) our technical staff will have a clear idea of the sound you desire for your music.
Together with the audio track, you must send a rough mix of the song and add one or two example songs. In this way it will be easier to comprehend the idea of the desired mix.


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reading-iconRead: How to prepare your music for the mix


Mix Pro

With the option MIX PRO you will receive the mix in an instrumental version (base track), vocal (voice only) and rhythm section (drums/perc, basses, guitars, keyboards, etc...) which will be added to the mastered version at 16 bit (CD quality), mastered for the web (mp3 high quality) and a non-mastered version at 24 bit, of the BASIC MIX, included in every mix service. This service can be added on at any time, 33 euro per song.    Buy Now


We do the mastering of your music, ready for CD Audio and radio broadcast and is compatible with any hi-fi system.
If you are satisfied with your mix and want to finalize it and enable it ready for radio broadcast or CD print, you may use our Mastering Audio service. Our skilled, technical staff can intervene on the frequencies and the compression of your music in order to obtain the maximum possible results of your mix, always with a particular attention to your style and specific character.
With this service you'll have a Mastered wav version on a 16 bit (CD quality), ready for printing on an audio CD..


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Advanced Vocal Tuning & Editing

This service can be acquired together with any mix for one or more songs.
With the latest available technology, our skilled, technical staff can work on the intonation, timing and volume of the vocal performance, in order to obtain the maximum possible results, respecting the performer's characteristics, and intervene with basic* editing necessary to obtain the best possible mix.

The advanced editing and artistic production services will be dealt with directly Contact us.  Buy Now

*basic editing means the eventual work of editing on the tracks ready for the mix; tracks with more takes to edit are not accepted.

For more information contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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