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Tide Records

TIDE Records
  • IdolsGods xxsml
  • Handala Raia
  • SR2 cover front mini
  • Handala Holom
  • SailorFree SF
  • cover-osd-small
  • cover front veryverysml
  • Kosmika WB
  • cover cd spiritualrevolution
  • Bluviola Cover sml
  • SailorFree TFD
  • Aladnah Famata
  • cover-notebook-small
  • Handala Handala
  • Handala 7
  • SailorFree SF
  • Handala Amani
  • Wendy?! - Idols & Gods
  • Handala - Raia
  • Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution part 2
  • Handala - Holom
  • Sailor Free - Sailor Free LP
  • One Sound Duo - The way becoming
  • Wendy?! - In the temple of feedback
  • Kosmika - We believe
  • Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution part 1
  • Cecilia Amici - Bluviola
  • Sailor Free - The Fifth Door
  • Aladnah - Famatà
  • Wendy?! - Notebook
  • Handala - Handala
  • Handala - 7
  • Sailor Free - Sailor Free CD
  • Handala - Amani


Tide Records is an independent record label.

We build up and research, together with our artists and collaborators,
new possible ways to spread quality music in today's world.

from the album Bluviola



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Recording Services

Recording Services

  •  Recording studio
  •  Sound engineers
  •  Arrangements
  •  Musicians (any instrument)
  •  Artistic production


- "Special laws" extract from Spiritual Revolution part 2, by Sailor Free, entirely recorded, mixed and mastered in our studio.

For infos & prices:
tel: +39 06 9042196
e-mail: or go on ContactsMail2


Video Services & Videoclips


Tide creates and produces HD Videoclips.
We provide all the artistic and technical personnel needed to produce a professional Videoclip.

And more:

  • Soundtracks
  • Editing and Post-production HD video

Info & prices:
tel: +39 06 9042196
e-mail: or go on Contacts


 our videos

WENDY?! "Attitude"

CECILIA AMICI "Hello... I love you"


WENDY?! "Brain drain"

SAILOR FREE "We are legion" Lyrics video

SAILOR FREE "The fugitive"

WENDY?! "Hallelujah, I've got a gun"






IOS Mix & Mastering

Online Mix & Mastering

LOGO IOS ICONAIOS, independent online studio, is a Mix and Mastering service of high professional level, at a reasonable price, fast and 100 % online.

The sound you always wanted!

The service is addressed to bands, single artists, producers, record labels and media productions.

To know more go to IOS




"There are riffs for those who love hard rock, the energy and attitude of punk, the dark atmospheres of post-punk, the harsh sounds of alternative rock, and above all, a way of writing "songs" which is typical of the 70's and of classic rock.."
            ... reed more

foto wendy new bn 2 sml

  • IdolsGods xxsml
  • cover-notebook-small
  • cover front veryverysml
  • Wendy?! - Idols & Gods
  • Wendy?! - Notebook
  • Wendy?! - In the temple of feedback

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Press review

Press extract
"Wendy?! offer a well banced mixture of hard rock,
70's rock, alternative rock, punk and singer/songwriter style."
(Stephan Schelle - MusikZirkus)

More infos:

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