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world music,
arabic folk rock,
... reed more

handala live 20121

  • Handala Handala
  • Handala Amani
  • Handala Raia
  • Aladnah Famata
  • Handala Holom
  • Handala 7
  • Handala - Handala
  • Handala - Amani
  • Handala - Raia
  • Aladnah - Famatà
  • Handala - Holom
  • Handala - 7  

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“Something extraordinary going on here, Palestine meets the gig beat in Rome (…)
This group produces intelligent, stirring music that shifts easily between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Their version of Come Together, thoroughly rejigged, sung in Arabic, if anything adding to the tension and release of the original. I imagine an intrigued and pleased John Lennon.”
(Rick Sanders - FOLK ROOTS Magazine)
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