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The way becoming
 the CD by ONE SOUND DUO   

Press release/Bio


To produce and compose music in the very moment of its execution: in a sense, ONE SOUND DUO was born thus, by letting a time made of silences and sounds free to flow, until a music happens, like a sudden answer to some question. There is no time to think, no arrangement before; one’s own instrument becomes the expression of the self, of individual history, listening to many years, many sounds. The way becoming is a path that initially leads nowhere, with no fixed intentions; it creates itself in the very moment one travels through it. Even mistakes are unpredictable elements introducing to new directions, helping to find new solutions.

The presence of the Other, the hearing of the Other, the positive and comfortable sound produced by the Other, leads to travel through the same path more than once; it is not a repetition but a new way towards new solutions, before coming back to silence; a freedom of expression that finds in itself the limits of its own path.

Spacedrum and double bass, two instruments so far apart for their acoustics, look for a fusion into one sound; they ask questions and propose solutions. The first belongs to the grouping of the handpans: it is a melodic metal percussion that puts the rhythm into play with a scale of notes, and that, in the range of its limitations, permits a harmonic discovery on which the second, the bass belonging to the grouping of the stringed instruments, inserts itself with its deep notes; they fuse together, as in a blacksmith melting, linking quality of notes, pauses of silence, manifold leaps of other harmonic intervals.

Later, the compositions blend with electronic sounds and field recordings; thanks to reverberations and several other effects, they create the illusion of a wider sound, becoming once again something else. It is an always-moving arrangement that, even without any staff, travels through, enters into, and goes beyond electronics. A non-rational way that originates from and rests on that vital energy accompanying every one of us since our birth. Pauses are inside, silence at the end.

Orlando Lostumbo is a Roman double bass player operating since the early Eighties in various fields, ranging from rock to jazz, ethnic and classic music. Toward the end of the Nineties he joins the ethnic band Handance as an author and guitarist; later on he joins the jazz band Lost in Jazz as a double bass player. From 2008 to 2010 he works as a double bass player in the classical orchestra L’Armonica Temperanza. In 2009, under the pseudonym “Sine Tempore” he realizes his first CD, entitled Il viaggio di Ulisse. In 2010, as a double bass and keyboard player, he founds the band Cosmogram, which blends electronic and progressive sounds with video projections. With this band he performs in several theatres in Rome, and in 2012 he takes part in the festival 24 fotogrammi. In 2013 he joins the orchestra Diletto Barocco, where he currently plays the double bass. In 2014 he realizes the musical project ONE SOUND DUO with Claudio Ricciardi (spacedrum and didgeridoo), playing the double bass, the electric bass, and various synthesizers; together they produce for Tide Records the CD The Way Becoming.

Claudio Ricciardi
begins studying jazz guitar during high school, and then he studies double bass for some years. In 1975 he takes an interest in non-European music and joins the vocal group of harmonic chant Prima Materia, founded in the United States by Roberto Laneri. His studies of Biology and Anthropology bring him to the discovery of the didgeridoo, and in 1997 he starts studying and playing this aboriginal instrument, learning also how to construct and carve it. After playing in some bands in the 2000s (Saz-Didgeridoo duo, Handance, Timelines), in 2013 he begins studying computer electronic music with Giuseppe Verticchio. Later on, after discovering the Spacedrum, he meets the double bass player Orlando Lostumbo and founds with him the ONE SOUND DUO. He is the author of the LP entitled La coda della tigre (Ananda, n. 2, Roma 1977); the CD Inside Notes (EDT, Torino 2001); the CD Prima Materia (Die Shactel, Milano 2005); the CD Voci (Una Musica, n. 7, Torino 2006); the CD The Way Becoming (Tide, Roma 2014). He is also the author of the book L’albero che canta. Il didgeridoo (Wondermark, Brescia 2011).

One Sound Duo

Orlando Lostumbo:
-Electric Upright Bass
-Electric Bass
-Computer Effects
-Audio Editing/Treatment

Claudio Ricciardi:
-Spacedrum Deep sky, Atlantico
-Yidaki in C
-Computer Effects
-Digital Piano
-Audio Editing/Treatment

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