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The hereby writer Associazione Culturale TIDE, title bearer of the treatment of Your personal data, regarding the meanings of art. 13 of the D.Lgs 30.6.2003 n. 196, informs You of the following relative to the personal data furnished by You for the management of the present contractual relationship. The personal data gathered and treated by the writer re-enter into the following categories:
1) identification data, social or denominational reason, residence, tel, fax,e-mail, fiscal data, etc.
2) relative data regarding economic and commercial activity (orders, solvability, bank data, accounting and fiscal data, etc.)
Your personal data hence furnished will be used within the limits and for the pursuance of the finality relative to the present contractual relationship. In particular the treatment is finalized to the inherent fulfillments and consequent to the development of all administrative, commercial, accountable and fiscal activity. The conferment of the data and the relative treatment are mandatory in relation to the finality relative to the fulfillment of a contractual and legal nature. The conferment is moreover retained mandatory to carry out all activities necessary and functional of the writer to the execution of the contractual obligations. Eventual denial to furnish the data for such finality can determine the impossibility of the writer to proceed with said contractual relationship and to the lawful obligations. The conferment of data is instead facultative for the sending of communication or published material which our business will be able to accomplish through Your electronic address or fax number. You may oppose such treatment at any moment by request through mail service or by the fax number listed below. Eventual denial to furnish data for marketing finality will not jeopardize the regular execution of the present contractual relationship.
Personal data furnished by You will be treated in a lawful manner and according to correctness, as such foreseen by the meanings of art. 11 of the Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003, n.196.
The treatment will be carried out with the support of paper documents, informatics or telematics.
One may accede, and therefore become knowledgeable of Your data, only those exclusively authorized from which an example those charged with the administrative accounting area, marketing office, those assigned to the management and maintenance of the informatics systems.
Suffice to say the communications followed in the fulfillment of lawful and contractual obligations, all data gathered and elaborated may be communicated in Italy and transferred abroad exclusively for the finality above specified to:
1. Service businesses, businesses of data elaboration, accounting/fiscal consultants and in general all Organs preposed to verify and control with merit to the correct fulfillment of the finality above indicated;
2. eventual external subjects of our structure, with whom we have stipulated precise agreements with merit to the measures to adopt in order to guarantee the safety of the data entrusted to them, in each case the data will be treated exclusively for the pursuance of the finality above indicated.
Holder of the treatment is TIDE Associazione Culturale. By sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., one may request an updated list of the subjects nominated Responsible for the treatment. At any moment one may exercise the rights of which to article 7 of the Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, n. 196.


Terms & conditions

Conditions of use

The Client (if in such case he/she is qualifiable as “consumer” in the meanings of art.1 lett b) of the D. Lgs May 22, 1999, n. 185) has the right to recede from the contract and to restitute the products ordered, without any penalty and without specifying the motive, within 10 (ten) working days from the receipt of said Products.
5.1.1 Save for diverse agreements between the parties, the consumer may not exercise the right to recess foreseen by commas 1 and 2 by the contracts:

a) the furnishing of services in which the execution has begun, with the aggreement of the consumer, before the expiration of the ten day term;
b) the furnishing of goods or services in which the price is “bound to the fluctuation of taxes by the financial market which the supplier is unable to control”;
c) the furnishing of made to order or clearly personalized packaged goods or that, by their nature, cannot be sent back or endure risk of deteriorating or rapidly alterating;
d) the furnishing of audio products (Musical CDs), audiovisual (DVDs) or of sealed informatics software, opened by the consumer;
e) the furnishing of newspapers, periodicals and magazines;
f) of services of betting, games of chance and lotterys.
5.2 The right of recess of which to the preceding article 5.1 must be exercised by the Client, with the penalty of forfeiture, by means of a registered letter to TIDE Ass. Cult. Via delle Vignacce, 55 00063 Campagnano di Roma (RM), within the 10 (ten) working day term from the receipt of the Products. The communication for which the above may be sent, within the same time limits, also by means of a telegram to the address above stated provided that it is confirmed, by means of a registered letter within 48 (forty-eight) hours following the emission of the telegram.
5.3 All returned material (which must be unused, perfectly integral and accompanied by the original package) must be authorized.
The Client may send back the Product to the following address: TIDE Ass. Cult. Via delle Vignacce, 55 00063 Campagnano di Roma (RM).
C.O.D. packages will not be accepted.
5.4 Once the Products are received (and their integrity verified), it will be provided, within 30 days from the receipt of the communication of recess, to accrediting the Client, by means of Bank Accreditation, the cost of the returned Products (as indicated by a receipt), withholding, where necessary, the import of the cost of expedition that will remain definitively charged to the client. It will be up to the client to timely furnish the bank coordinates from which to obtain the accreditation (IBAN).

Tide Services

foto new studio composing extrsml

servizi ingranaggi iconaMusic

servizi ingranaggi icona Creative Services

Audio Recording

Mix & Mastering Online IOS

Music Production




Video Post Production

Graphic – CD Cover, Logos

Web Sites

Web Strategy - S.E.O.

Recording Services

Recording Services

  •  Recording studio
  •  Sound engineers
  •  Arrangements
  •  Musicians (any instrument)
  •  Artistic production


- "Special laws" extract from Spiritual Revolution part 2, by Sailor Free, entirely recorded, mixed and mastered in our studio.

For infos & prices:
tel: +39 06 9042196
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go on ContactsMail2

IOS Mix & Mastering

Online Mix & Mastering

LOGO IOS ICONAIOS, independent online studio, is a Mix and Mastering service of high professional level, at a reasonable price, fast and 100 % online.

The sound you always wanted!

The service is addressed to bands, single artists, producers, record labels and media productions.

To know more go to IOS


Video Services & Videoclips


Tide creates and produces HD Videoclips.
We provide all the artistic and technical personnel needed to produce a professional Videoclip.

And more:

  • Soundtracks
  • Editing and Post-production HD video

Info & prices:
tel: +39 06 9042196
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go on Contacts


 our videos

WENDY?! "Attitude"

CECILIA AMICI "Hello... I love you"


WENDY?! "Brain drain"

SAILOR FREE "We are legion" Lyrics video

SAILOR FREE "The fugitive"

WENDY?! "Hallelujah, I've got a gun"






Tide Records

TIDE Records
  • cover front veryverysml
  • SailorFree TFD
  • Handala Holom
  • cover-notebook-small
  • SailorFree SF
  • Handala Raia
  • Kosmika WB
  • SailorFree SF
  • SR2 cover front mini
  • cover-osd-small
  • Handala Handala
  • Bluviola Cover sml
  • IdolsGods xxsml
  • Handala Amani
  • Aladnah Famata
  • Handala 7
  • cover cd spiritualrevolution
  • Wendy?! - In the temple of feedback
  • Sailor Free - The Fifth Door
  • Handala - Holom
  • Wendy?! - Notebook
  • Sailor Free - Sailor Free CD
  • Handala - Raia
  • Kosmika - We believe
  • Sailor Free - Sailor Free LP
  • Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution part 2
  • One Sound Duo - The way becoming
  • Handala - Handala
  • Cecilia Amici - Bluviola
  • Wendy?! - Idols & Gods
  • Handala - Amani
  • Aladnah - Famatà
  • Handala - 7
  • Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution part 1


Tide Records is an independent record label.

We build up and research, together with our artists and collaborators,
new possible ways to spread quality music in today's world.

from the album Bluviola



Read more: Tide Records

Sailor Free

sailor free


 ... reed more

SF  SR live 1
  • SR2 cover front veryverysml
  • SailorFree SR
  • SailorFree SF
  • SailorFree TFD
  • Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution Part 2
  • Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution Part 1
  • Sailor Free - Sailor Free
  • Sailor Free - The Fifth Door

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Press review
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Press extracts
"It’s such cool modern prog."
(Gary W. Hill - Music Street Journal)

Press Sheet

More infos:
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Cecilia Amici

 logo cecilia sml


dream pop,
dark, new wave

 ... reed more

live 3 sml
  • Bluviola Cover sml
  • Bluviola Cover sml
  • Cecilia Amici - Bluviola
  • Cecilia Amici - Bluviola

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Press extracts
"... as if Kate Bush invited Bjork for an interstellar journey to deep space."
(Samuele Santanna)


More infos:
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