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"There are riffs for those who love hard rock, the energy and attitude of punk, the dark atmospheres of post-punk, the harsh sounds of alternative rock, and above all, a way of writing "songs" which is typical of the 70's and of classic rock.."
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  • IdolsGods xxsml
  • cover-notebook-small
  • Wendy?! - Idols & Gods
  • Wendy?! - Notebook

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Press review

Press extract
"Wendy?! offer a well banced mixture of hard rock,
70's rock, alternative rock, punk and singer/songwriter style."
(Stephan Schelle - MusikZirkus)

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world music,
arabic folk rock,
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  • Handala Amani
  • Handala Raia
  • Handala 7
  • Handala Handala
  • Handala Holom
  • Aladnah Famata
  • Handala - Amani
  • Handala - Raia
  • Handala - 7
  • Handala - Handala
  • Handala - Holom
  • Aladnah - Famatà  

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“Something extraordinary going on here, Palestine meets the gig beat in Rome (…)
This group produces intelligent, stirring music that shifts easily between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Their version of Come Together, thoroughly rejigged, sung in Arabic, if anything adding to the tension and release of the original. I imagine an intrigued and pleased John Lennon.”
(Rick Sanders - FOLK ROOTS Magazine)
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Psychedelic, electronic, folk.
The sound from the stars.



Kosmika WB

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One Sound Duo



To produce and compose music in the very moment of its creation

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