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Sailor Free Info



logo-tide-verysmall   Tide Records presents

sailor free

Press release / Bio




the NEW album by SAILOR FREE


Sailor Free sail in free waters since 1991. Their music has been described as art-rock, progressive, psychedelic hard rock, alternative and much more.
With two albums ("Sailor Free" 1992 - Tide Records, Italy and "The Fifth Door" 1994 - The Laser’s Edge, USA) and a number of tours in Italy and Europe, always winning great attention from public and critics, Sailor Free have been quoted of music personality and a great live set.


In 2010 Sailor Free rejoined, in a completely mutated world, to work on a concept-album about a possible profound cultural revolution they love to imagine. “We have been inspired by J.R.R.Tolkien's “The Silmarillion”, the story of Beren & Luthien in particular, that had been the subject of some writings through the years for some of us. A story of love, share and an impossible quest looked good in such a dystopian present time. Then we started writing our story, placed in an early future, in a world divided in Casts, where our heroes and the Spiritual Revolution Messengers fight to get Entropia, a device that could give free energy for the whole world.”

In 2012 Sailor Free published Spiritual Revolution part 1 (TIDE Records), the first part of the concept-album, as the written material both in terms of story and songs was too much for a CD.


In 2015 Sailor Free released two singles: “Amazing” and “Special laws”, extracts from the forthcoming album Spiritual Revolution part 2. The new album features new musicians together with historical members of the band. The sound confirms the route of fully creative freedom, that has always been one of the main distinctive feature of Sailor Free's project.


“The story of the Spiritual Revolution Messengers and their fight to get Entropia, a device that could give free energy for the whole world leads to its conclusion.
Than everything change, and suddenly you realize you are playing the lead role, you are the hero and the hero is you, as it is Entropia. A kind of displacement. Now you know that you are the player and the listener, and the player is the play and is you. Now you are Entropia and Entropia is you, and you can change everything...”


CD, LP and digital download
Tide Records 2016





the concept-album by SAILOR FREE


At the center of the artistic world there is energy, intended as a universal metaphor of life and creative vitality; as an instrument of social evolution and well-being; such as light, warmth, comfort, motion and strength of change; such as the illumination of the mind and the spirit; such as the inalienable right to knowledge.
It is in the proposal and practice of alternatives, in spreading knowledge and solutions, in a constant application of sharing and common enrichment, from which one draws forth and restores Energy.
Inspired by the Silmarillion by J.R.R.Tolkien, the story narrates love, inexhaustible source of energy, between two beings who are aliens to each other, dispersed particles of two opposite universes that intertwine their own courses, irremediably attracted to each other, they blend together in an instant, annulling every prejudice, every law, every convention.
Born into a new life, they see around them an agonizing world and with the same passion that enfolds them they act to change their destiny. In their hands lie a revolutionary discovery to deliver to all mankind. It is the genesis of an unstopping metamorphosis, that begins with man and is transmitted to others as if by osmosis, thus involving the entire planet.
A Revolution of the Spirit before that of matter, an epidemic of love. Love for mankind, for the capacity to imagine and to risk, for the constant search of better possible worlds, to share knowledge and solutions. In this way one is again able to understand the difference between that which is evolution and general well-being, and that which is only well-being for a chosen few.
If everything is as it was, nothing can be what it was. This is how true change can take place.

Spiritual Revolution People!

Sailor Free:
David Petrosino: vox, piano, keyboards, guitar
Stefano “The Hook” Barelli: guitars
Alphonso Nini: bass
Stefano Tony: drums





Wendy?! Info


logo-tide-verysmall   Tide Records presents

IDOLS & GODS the new album by WENDY?!   

Press release / Bio

About Wendy?!

The band Wendy?! starts in 2008 around the guitarist and singer Lorenzo Canevacci, former guitarist of Bloody Riot, among the most famous Italian Hardcore bands of the '80s.
The first album “Eleven” is released in 2012 on RbL label. After a couple of years of live performances with Andrea Giuliano on bass, Luca Calabrò on drums and Alessandro Ressa who enriched our sound alternating between rhythm guitar and keyboards, Lorenzo and his mates are ready for a new album. “Notebook” comes out in 2014 for Tide Records and get a good response from national and international press.
In the sound of Wendy ?! you can find riffs for those who love hard rock, the punk energy and attitude, the dark post-punk atmosphere, the rough sound of alternative rock and above all, a way of writing “songs” that harkens back to the 70’s and classic rock.

Idols & Gods

"I wanted this album to be more focused on the band's impact and energy, the attitude we have on stage. If Notebook was a collection of snapshots, of notes about what's happening around us, Idols & Gods is more introspective and more focused on my reaction to the world's matters.


There's a song on this album, called "Attitude", in which I recount the story of my rock'n'roll attitude. I was about 15 and it was my first time on stage, with my first band of schoolmates. The stage was in a community theatre. I remember that we played, among others, "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Stones. I got the guitar part note by note, moving the needle of the turntable back and forth on my copy of "Get yer ya ya's out," the live Stones' album. When we got to that song, the final solo part, the local girls made a real standing ovation, with us still playing the rest of the song. I remember that shivering down my spine and my sudden awareness: 'This is what I want to do!'. My relation with rock'n'roll starts at that time... and even Wendy?! are born there.

The intruder

For the first time we include in our album a cover song, a track of the Ultravox, "Fear in the western world". A band that I really loved "when I was a teenage punk rocker". I now realize that this song and the theme of the fear in the western world seems to be written yesterday morning, instead of 40 years ago."

(Lorenzo Canevacci)


Lorenzo “mr. Grady” Canevacci: voice and guitar
Alessandro Ressa: rhythm guitar, keyboards, back vocals
Fabio Valerio: bass and back vocals
Luca Calabrò: drums

wendy 1


One Sound Duo Info


logo-tide-verysmall   Tide Records presenta

The way becoming
 the CD by ONE SOUND DUO   

Press release/Bio


To produce and compose music in the very moment of its execution: in a sense, ONE SOUND DUO was born thus, by letting a time made of silences and sounds free to flow, until a music happens, like a sudden answer to some question. There is no time to think, no arrangement before; one’s own instrument becomes the expression of the self, of individual history, listening to many years, many sounds. The way becoming is a path that initially leads nowhere, with no fixed intentions; it creates itself in the very moment one travels through it. Even mistakes are unpredictable elements introducing to new directions, helping to find new solutions.

The presence of the Other, the hearing of the Other, the positive and comfortable sound produced by the Other, leads to travel through the same path more than once; it is not a repetition but a new way towards new solutions, before coming back to silence; a freedom of expression that finds in itself the limits of its own path.

Spacedrum and double bass, two instruments so far apart for their acoustics, look for a fusion into one sound; they ask questions and propose solutions. The first belongs to the grouping of the handpans: it is a melodic metal percussion that puts the rhythm into play with a scale of notes, and that, in the range of its limitations, permits a harmonic discovery on which the second, the bass belonging to the grouping of the stringed instruments, inserts itself with its deep notes; they fuse together, as in a blacksmith melting, linking quality of notes, pauses of silence, manifold leaps of other harmonic intervals.

Later, the compositions blend with electronic sounds and field recordings; thanks to reverberations and several other effects, they create the illusion of a wider sound, becoming once again something else. It is an always-moving arrangement that, even without any staff, travels through, enters into, and goes beyond electronics. A non-rational way that originates from and rests on that vital energy accompanying every one of us since our birth. Pauses are inside, silence at the end.

Orlando Lostumbo is a Roman double bass player operating since the early Eighties in various fields, ranging from rock to jazz, ethnic and classic music. Toward the end of the Nineties he joins the ethnic band Handance as an author and guitarist; later on he joins the jazz band Lost in Jazz as a double bass player. From 2008 to 2010 he works as a double bass player in the classical orchestra L’Armonica Temperanza. In 2009, under the pseudonym “Sine Tempore” he realizes his first CD, entitled Il viaggio di Ulisse. In 2010, as a double bass and keyboard player, he founds the band Cosmogram, which blends electronic and progressive sounds with video projections. With this band he performs in several theatres in Rome, and in 2012 he takes part in the festival 24 fotogrammi. In 2013 he joins the orchestra Diletto Barocco, where he currently plays the double bass. In 2014 he realizes the musical project ONE SOUND DUO with Claudio Ricciardi (spacedrum and didgeridoo), playing the double bass, the electric bass, and various synthesizers; together they produce for Tide Records the CD The Way Becoming.

Claudio Ricciardi
begins studying jazz guitar during high school, and then he studies double bass for some years. In 1975 he takes an interest in non-European music and joins the vocal group of harmonic chant Prima Materia, founded in the United States by Roberto Laneri. His studies of Biology and Anthropology bring him to the discovery of the didgeridoo, and in 1997 he starts studying and playing this aboriginal instrument, learning also how to construct and carve it. After playing in some bands in the 2000s (Saz-Didgeridoo duo, Handance, Timelines), in 2013 he begins studying computer electronic music with Giuseppe Verticchio. Later on, after discovering the Spacedrum, he meets the double bass player Orlando Lostumbo and founds with him the ONE SOUND DUO. He is the author of the LP entitled La coda della tigre (Ananda, n. 2, Roma 1977); the CD Inside Notes (EDT, Torino 2001); the CD Prima Materia (Die Shactel, Milano 2005); the CD Voci (Una Musica, n. 7, Torino 2006); the CD The Way Becoming (Tide, Roma 2014). He is also the author of the book L’albero che canta. Il didgeridoo (Wondermark, Brescia 2011).

One Sound Duo

Orlando Lostumbo:
-Electric Upright Bass
-Electric Bass
-Computer Effects
-Audio Editing/Treatment

Claudio Ricciardi:
-Spacedrum Deep sky, Atlantico
-Yidaki in C
-Computer Effects
-Digital Piano
-Audio Editing/Treatment

one sound duo mid


Wendy?! Press extracts




TIt's a nicely balanced set that never fails to entertain and does
a great job of moving the band's legacy forward.
(Music Street Journal - Gary Hill - US)

Non se ne fanno mica più di dischi r'n'r così.
(Rumore - Manuel Graziani - IT)

...un'altro ottimo lavoro, dove pezzi tiratissimi si mischiano a ballate
col solito spirito fiero e combattivo di chi ha usato la musica
anche come bandiera.
(Classix - Renato Massaccesi - IT)

This album is becoming more fantastic and entertaining
than many of the enormous rock bands.
This album is simply amazing as well as this band themselves.
(Rock Era Magazine - Amged Mahmoud – EG)

Un album che merita attenzione.
(Rock Hard – Niccolò Carli - IT)

On "Idols & Gods" Wendy?! offer a well banced mixture of hard rock,
70's rock, alternative rock, punk and singer/songwriter style..
(MusikZirkus - Stephan Schelle - GE)

Gran bel disco,
e si narra che dal vivo i Wendy?! siano ancora meglio.
(Classic Rock - Gianni Della Cioppa - IT)

Il terzo long-playing dei Wendy?! rappresenta una conferma per un gruppo
che non ama le etichette e si propone al pubblico con uno spirito libero
e autenticamente rock’n’roll, con canzoni di gran pregio
e arrangiamenti grintosi, ardenti e affascinanti..
(True Metal - Francesco Maraglino)

… un sound corposo, energico e soprattutto
capace di suscitare emozioni profonde.
(Rock Impressions – Gianlcarlo Bolther)

I Wendy?!... si situano in un enclave albionica che confina
sia con i territori del Duca Bianco che del Re Cremisi. Bravi.
(Buscadero - Andrea Travaini)


Cecilia Amici Info



logo-tide-verysmall   Tide Records presents

logo cecilia sml

Press release/Bio




the new album by CECILIA AMICI


Singer, songwriter, musician and vocal coach, she has worked with many artists both in studio and live sessions. She has done hundreds of concerts in Italy and Europe with bands, orchestras and vocal ensembles. She experienced as band leader in local bands as Aion and ESP, since 2003 she is the singer of Hàndala, a historical Italian-Palestinian group, with whom she recorded 3 albums, singing in three languages (Italian, English, Arabic).

"BLUVIOLA speaks of my passions, from spirituality to ufology, and love in all its forms. This album includes some of my most significant composition, never published so far, along with new songs written for this album.
From the musical point of view we have tried to combine my dark / new wave attitude with more modern sounds, with both vocal and musical research.
The album also includes a special version of "Jòga" by Bjork, that I arranged for choir, recorded with the two choirs I conduct, the Vocal Ensemble of Campagnano di Roma and the Vocal Modern workshop of the Popular School of Music Donna Olimpia, gathered for this release. "

 (Cecilia Amici)



Track list:

01 – Cornucopia
02 – Starship
03 – Rainbows
04 – Nero all'orizzonte
05 – Hello, I love you
06 – Jòga
07 – Aem
08 – Bluviola
09 – Wings of a butterfly
10 – Vento

The song AEM was recorded live with the band Hàndala in June 2011

Produced and Arranged by David Petrosino

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Tide Records studios by
Raimondo Mosci & David Petrosino

Cover design and artwork by Terrence Briscoe


simbolo lilith




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00063 Campagnano di Roma (RM) - Italy

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