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Sailor Free Press extracts




This new album from Sailor Free might well make my best of 2016 list.
It’s such cool modern prog.
(Music Street Journal - Gary W. Hill - USA)

And what is also very important, the sound of this recording is just amazing.
It has a transparent sound quality... As reviewer and open-minded music lover
I enjoyed listening to this enthralling album very much.
(progVisions - Douwe Fledderus - NL)

A great rock album, to listen from beginning to end... A must-have.
(Classix - Mauro Furlan – IT)

... there are easily a half dozen very memorable tracks that kept me
coming back for repeat listens again and again.
(Exposè - Peter Thelen - USA)

I recommend this band to the widest possible audience, first of all to those who
appreciate originality and true artistry. Bravo, Sailor Free!
(Recyclable Sounds - Raigor – RU)

Spiritual Revolution part 2 is a classy Prog album that I enjoyed listening to from beginning to end...
Highly recommended indeed!!!
(Proggnosis - Marc - USA)

I SF riescono a propongono una musica che, pur non rinunciando a quelle sonorità art-rock
che hanno le loro radici negli anni '70, è attuale, fresca e soprattutto intelligente.
(Buscadero - Andrea Trevaini - IT)

...this is an album best listened to in full.
It is definitely an entertaining example of modern prog.
(DPRP - Patrick McAfee - NL)

An album that will teach to many conservatives what can truly be "Progressive" today.
(MAT 2020 - Alberto Sgarlato - IT)

Spiritual Revolution part 2 offers plenty of variety... with atmospheres between despair
and melancholy but also hope. An album that you have to get involved with.
(Proggies - Daniel Eggenberger - CH)

Sailor Free' proposal has the freedom and the vision of the great prog bands of the 70's...
(Urlo - Flavio Talamonti- IT)

An interesting mosaic of modern sounds... a very satisfying album.
(Profil - Denis Boisvert - CA)

Over time, this music developed almost an hypnotic effect.
You feel excited, without one could say exactly why.
(Betreutesproggen - Juergen Meurer - DE)

This album has to be consecrated and placed in our music collections, whatever they are.
(Psycanprog - Raffaele Astore - IT)

This record is very good.
(Colossus - Tero Honkasalo - FI)

Either way, this fine album can easily stand alone musically!! Now go buy!!
(Progplanet - Tonny Larsen - DK)

… the album is beautiful once again.
… you will find yourself almost moved by these sounds so varied, intense and vital,
expression of class, talent and an enormous communicative energy.
( - Marco Aimasso - IT)

Un album basé sur l'imaginaire, en cela une vraie réussite... objectif tenu:
celui d’éveiller votre curiosité.
(Highland Magazine - Jean-Pierre Schricke – FR)

"Special Laws" is where you feel the beautiful presence of jazz through the piano
beautifully framed by the drums and the rhythm of the song, wonderful.
(Musica Progresiva - Lily Belgu - AR)

On "Spiritual Revolution part 2" Sailor Free create versatile and skilful Art rock
with imaginative arrangements and creative Instrumentals...
(Babyblaue - Siggy Zielinski - GE)

A very good album again.
(Rock Impressions - Giancarlo Bolther - IT)

… it makes you want to listen to the whole story from the beginning.
(Neoprog – JC Le Brun - FR)

Sailor Free have solid foundations but they don't fear to face modernity.
(Progressivamente - Luigi Cattaneo – IT)

Sailor Free does it very well, playing high quality progrock with great vocals in a
massive sound/production.... you have to listen to it from start to finish and that is
definitely no problem with this great record. Recommended to the progfans!
(Strutter - NL)

Highly recommended for those who want surprises from music.
(Nonsolo Progrock - Massimo Salari - IT)

 A band with an original sound.
(Acid Dragon – RR – FR)


Handala Info



logo-tide-verysmall   Tide Records presents

handala logo

Press release / Bio



An exceptional musical project, an ever-evolving experience of musical blending: this is Hàndala.

The band starting in 1989 within an international cooperation project, has been leaded, for more than 20 years, by its inspirer and composer David Petrosino, together with many musicians, both Arabs and Italians, that participated through the years, and made links of collaboration with various artists.

The tale of the band Hàndala, for it’s nature of merger, for it’s human and artistic ‘blending’, is a chance to see, from a unique point of view, twenty years of  relationship between eastern and western countries.
At the same time the contaminated and contaminating nature of Handala’s work let them share this sight and this exchange in widely various sites: the UN building in Geneve, the little Church, European Festivals, Schools, Clubs, Social Centres, Theatres, the Campidoglio in Rome, Universities, Events, public Squares…

The band, leaded by David Petrosino, provides a peculiar formula of global contamination between Middle-eastern and Western musical traditions and intentions, a novel way of imagining a feasible world where different ideas, cultures, traditions join to give birth to something new.

Hàndala have been active in Europe and they took part in many Festivals and concerts, always winning attention from public and critics.
Arab voices floating an a sound born from the magic fusion of traditional middle-eastern and Mediterranean instruments (such as ud, bouzuki, doff, mismar, naj) and modern ones.
A show of great impact, enriched with clear melodies and obstinate rhythms.

Hàndala have released six albums and a cd single and some of their songs have been included in many compilations, stating, with their music, the utopia needed for peace and understanding.


"Hàndala" (Sud-Nord Records 1990),
"Amani" (Sud-Nord Records 1991),
"Raia" (Tide Records 1993),
"Holom" (Il Manifesto - Finisterre 1997),
"El deeb" (CD single with video, Finisterre 2004),
"Famatà?" (with the name of Aladnah) (RAI Trade – Blond 2005)
"7" (Finisterre 2007)

Some of their song have benn included in various compilations.

Handala are currently preparing a new album, expected for 2015.



David Petrosino: tkeyboards, guitar, vocals
Cecilia Amici: vocals 
Pejman Tadayon: oud, saz, vocals
Stefano Ribeca: flutes, saxes
Gabriele Gagliarini: percussions
Simone Pulvano: percussions
Stefano Falcone: drums
Simone Pulvano: bass
Raimondo Mosci: sound & solutions
Terrence Briscoe: light & design



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